SNOW Network is a Kusama parachain that was built with the Substrate blockchain framework. Substrate is an open source framework that allows teams to quickly build highly customized blockchains. It comes with native support for connecting to Polkadot and Kusama right out of the box.

Substrate provides a smart contract virtual machine which allows for the deployment and execution of EVM smart contracts. This means that by building with Substrate, ICE and SNOW will also be able to run dApps that are written in Solidity, the programming language native to the popular Ethereum blockchain.

SNOW Substrate

The native SNOW token will be known as the ICZ Substrate token and is recognizable by its full color SNOW token icon. The SNOW Airdrop and Crowdloan Rewards will all be distributed in the form of the ICZ Substrate token and projects that write their dApps with the Substrate native Ink! Programming language will make use of the ICZ Substrate token. Wallets holding these tokens will be in SS58 format:

  • Example: npMjhtdTcjR6Rjb13twQKu9WEyfueTQ8BRpWgZoGSaKpxkh91

These tokens can be held in Substrate-based Wallets like Polkadot.js, SubWallet, Talisman and Hana


Any projects which utilize SNOW’s EVM compatibility, will require the ICZ EVM token in their dApps. The EVM version of the ICZ token is recognizable by its monocolor SNOW token icon. Wallets holding these tokens will be in H160 format, which is the popular Ethereum address format:

  • Example: 0x4c992eC2D310aD988ed4b6874f6C3Ca129358cFa

These tokens can be held in EVM-based Wallets like MetaMask and Hana.

Hana Wallet

You may have noticed that Hana Wallet is mentioned as a compatible wallet for both Substrate- and EVM based tokens. Hana Wallet will support both token standards and provide a simple 1:1 swapping interface, allowing users to exchange the different versions of the SNOW token in both directions.