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ICE Network is an extensive, EVM-compatible blockchain network serving as the application hub for the ICON ecosystem. Built on top of Substrate framework, ICE aspires to be a crowdloan-funded parachain on Polkadot ecosystem. ICY is the native token on ICE Network.

SNOW Network intends to create a community-oriented and crowdloan-funded Kusama parachain that will act as the canary network to ICE. ICZ is the native token of Snow. The ICE/SNOW team will initially release the SNOW canary network on Kusama, followed by an ICE debut on Polkadot.

Eligibility criteria for claiming airdrop

At block height 44,12 3,130 (approximately 4 AM UTC on December 29, 2021), a snapshot was taken on the ICON blockchain that recorded the ICX balance on ICON wallets. This snapshot data will be used for the ICZ (SNOW native token) airdrop on SNOW Network. The amount of ICZ airdropped will be in the ratio of 1:1.

For each ICX that a user held at the time of the snapshot, s/he will be able to claim 1 ICZ on SNOW Network.

Following are the eligibility criteria for receiving the airdrop:

  • ICX or sICX held in a non-custodial wallets like HANA/ICONex. A non-custodial wallet is one that you own the private key of,
  • ICX or sICX supplied on Balanced Network(Collateral and LP) or OMM Finance(Collateral),
  • Deployer of a contract that holds ICX,
  • ICX/sICX supplied/deposited on ICONFi,
  • Balance less than 1 ICX are not taken into account

Claim from ICE Airdrop application

To claim the airdrop, an eligible user will need two wallets.

  1. ICON wallet (Hana, ICONex, Ledger) that is eligible for the airdrop.
  2. SNOW wallet (Polkadot.js, SubWallet, Talisman) to receive the ICZ tokens.

Users can head over to the Airdrop claim dApp, where they can connect their ICON and SNOW wallets, and if eligible, will be able to claim ICZ into their SNOW wallets.

NOTE: The Airdrop claim dApp will be available to claim once the SNOW network is live. Currently phase one of the airdrop dApp is available where you can check your airdrop eligibility at

Now let us look at the claiming process:

Connect both ICON and Polkadot Wallet

  1. First, connect any ICON wallet (ICONex or Ledger).
  2. If eligible, you will be prompted to connect your SNOW wallet that will receive the ICZ tokens.

Connecting both ICONex and Polkadot Wallet
Connecting both ICONex and Polkadot Wallet
NOTE: If your ICON address is not eligible then you won’t be able to proceed forward.

After connecting both wallets, a box containing the amount breakdown of the snapshot appears on the same page, which displays the Total ICZ you will receive.

Airdrop Amount Breakdown
Airdrop Amount Breakdown

Airdrop Amount Breakdown

  • ICX Balance : ICX balance of the ICON wallet at the time of airdrop snapshot on the ICON blockchain.
  • OMM: ICX/sICX staked or supplied on OMM Finance.
  • Balanced: ICX/sICX staked or supplied on Balanced Network.
  • sICX: Equivalent ICX for sICX tokens held and ICX in unstaking
  • Unstaking: ICX in the unstaking state in the network.
  • Deployed Scores: Amount held by the ICON SCOREs deployed from your ICON wallet.

Transaction confirmation on your wallets

After verifying the captcha, and clicking on the Claim Button, you need to sign the transactions twice, initially with ICON wallet and followed by SNOW wallet.

After successfully signing the messages, the app will forward your request to the SNOW network. If everything goes right, you should have all your entitled ICZ tokens in your SNOW wallet. You can find further information regarding your claim transaction on the same app.

Claim Details
Claim Details

Important Notice

  • One ICON Wallet address can make claim to exactly one SNOW wallet.
  • ICON wallets with an amount less than 1 ICX during snapshot are not eligible for the airdrop.
  • While making claim, if your claim request failed for some reason, then you can retry after a while with the same ICON-SNOW wallet pair that you used before.

This article was copied from the ICONOsphere Medium Blog where you will also find the option to post comments and questions!