The Polkadot Hackathon Global Series North America Edition is the second in a series of hackathons that brings the cutting edge of blockchain to a global community. Focusing on Substrate, Polkadot, and Kusama, this hackathon is open to both individuals and teams anywhere in the world. The ICE Network Challenge at the Polkadot Hackathon encouraged teams to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) or a Decentralized voting system on the Arctic Testnet for the ICE network.

SNOW Network is excited to announce that Unpredictable DAO has won the hackathon challenge! In collaboration with the Polkadot Hackathon Global Series, SNOW Network is offering hackathon winners a platform for blockchain building, mentoring hours and networking opportunities. Unpredictable DAO did an amazing job at executing our challenge and we are looking forward to working together and further developing their project on SNOW Network!

Unpredictable DAO and decentralized randomness

The team at Unpredictable DAO recognized that blockchains and many applications running on them currently can not safely implement randomness in their smart contracts. Unpredictable DAO solves the randomness problem by creating a system where everyone can participate in the process of generating random numbers. The smart contracts using Unpredictable DAO service pay an amount of tokens, which will be distributed to all participants. For a technical explanation, check out this video about the technology behind Unpredictable DAO.

SNOW Network dApps

The main goal for Unpredictable DAO is to gather participants from the Kusama and Polkadot community to make the DAO even more secure and decentralized, as well as gaining adoption from developers to integrate the random number generator into their applications and smart contracts, expanding the possibilities of blockchains.

SNOW Network welcomes all its dApp developers to extend the use case of Unpredictable DAO. With the strong SNOW community and the underlying technology of both Kusama and Polkadot, developers can figure out a way to use decentralized randomness to enhance any product’s security.

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