• SNOW will participate in auction #45, estimated to start on July 18th at 03:36 (+UTC)
  • The official SNOW crowdloan website is now LIVE

We are thrilled to announce that the SNOW crowdloan campaign will launch with the start of Kusama parachain auction #45 on July 18th, 2022. The bidding for auction #45, will end no later than July 24th. The winning parachain will be onboarded on August 11, 2022.

SNOW Network, Crowdloans and Parachain Auctions

SNOW is a BTP-optimized and EVM compatible parachain to Kusama. Through BTP, SNOW will connect Kusama to an interoperability network that includes ICON, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony and more. SNOW represents the first ever L1 extension layer parachain, extending a rapidly growing ecosystem of 100+ dApps and 100,000+ active users.

A crowdloan is an essential component for generating a successful bid in the parachain auction. Parachain slots on the Kusama Relay Chain are awarded to the projects that lock up large amounts of Kusama (KSM) tokens for a specific period of time.

Crowdloans allow community members to stake their KSM or DOT tokens in support of a parachain’s auction bid. In return, supporters receive a variety of bonuses and incentives once the slot is secured.

How to Contribute to the Crowdloan

The official SNOW crowdloan website is now LIVE and can be visited here. The contributions module will open at the beginning of Kusama parachain auction #45, estimated at 03:36 (+UTC) on the 18th of July (block #13608000). Until then a countdown clock will be displayed over the contribution panel and the ‘Connect Wallet’ button will be unresponsive.

Once the SNOW crowdloan campaign has kicked off, contributing is a simple process. Users will be able to connect their Polkadot{.js} Wallet Extension (download here), generate friend referral codes and follow the instructions to contribute. The live contribution graph will continuously update in order to reflect the actual amount of crowdloan participants and contributed KSM tokens. A FAQ with common questions is provided at the bottom of the page.

We encourage all members of the Kusama and ICON ecosystem to contribute to SNOW’s crowdloan auction. The minimum contribution is 0.1 $KSM and crowdloan supporters will receive their entire reward, without any vesting schedule, shortly after the SNOW parachain goes live:

  • Crowdloan supporters will receive a base reward of 4,000 $ICZ per delegated $KSM. Early supporters can receive up to 4,000 extra $ICZ per delegated $KSM (this early bird reward decreases linearly with the amount of $KSM raised, going to zero at the crowdloan cap of 15,000 $KSM)
  • Friend referrals will also yield a double bonus 5% mechanism - 5% extra awarded to referrer and 5% extra awarded to referee. To access the referral code, simply connect your wallet and click the referral button at the top of the page.

Please note that all ongoing reward allocations will stop as soon as SNOW secures a parachain slot. Any $KSM tokens that are contributed after the SNOW parachain slot is secured, will not be eligible for SNOW token rewards.

Auction details and Crowdloan Partners

The bidding for parachain auction #45, will end on Jul 24th and the winning parachain will be launched on August 11, 2022. All runner-up parachains will remain in contention and automatically compete in the next auction, which is auction #46. More details on the timeline and technical aspects of the parachain auctions can be found here.

A number of mobile wallets, browser extensions and crowdloan partners from the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem will also be supporting the SNOW crowdloan campaign:

  • Browser Extensions: Polkadot.js, Talisman and Subwallet
  • Mobile Wallets: Fearless and Nova
  • Crowdloan Partner: Bifrost

More details and additional methods of contributing will be made available throughout the parachain auction period. For more information and to stay up to date with the latest developments, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!

SNOW Token Airdrop information

A snapshot occurred on the ICON blockchain at block height 44,123,130 (on December 29, 2021). This snapshot was used for a 1:1 airdrop of ICZ tokens to all qualifying ICON token holders (ICX and sICX).

The ICZ tokens will be available to claim by eligible wallets at a certain point in time after the launch of the SNOW network. The bidding for parachain auction #45, will end on Jul 24th and the winning parachain will be onboarded into the Kusama ecosystem on August 11, 2022.