We are excited to announce that all SNOW Crowdloan Contributors can now check their SNOW crowdloan rewards breakdown here. Those who contributed to the SNOW crowdloan campaign can connect their Polkadot/Kusama wallet and get a detailed breakdown of their upcoming rewards distribution.


If you contributed to the SNOW crowdfunding campaign with KSM, you will find your contribution volume and projected rewards listed under contributions. BiFrost contributors can check their contribution here.

Referral Reward

When other users have used your referral code to make their KSM contribution, you will see your allocated referral rewards displayed here. If multiple users have used your referral code, you will be presented with multiple referral reward allocations.

Referee Rewards

The Referee Reward is earned if you used someone else’s contributor’s referral code during your contribution. This referee reward can only be earned once.

Reparticipation Reward (Community Contribution Pool)

If you contributed to the original SNOW crowdloan (ParaID 2127), you will be eligible to receive a portion of the community contribution pool. A total of 3.5 M additional $ICZ has been allocated to distribute as bonus rewards to early supporters to compensate them for the extended $KSM lock up period resulting from the launch of a new crowdloan.

Rewards Breakdown

In this section all reward types are added up. Contribution Reward, Referral Reward, Referee Reward and Reparticipation Reward (also known as the Community Contribution Pool) together form the total amount of $ICZ tokens the user is eligible to receive.

Visit https://crowdloan.snow.icenetwork.io/ and connect with the same Polkadot/Kusama wallet that you used to contribute to the SNOW crowdloan. To stay up to date with the latest developments, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!