• Check your projected Crowdloan Contribution Rewards on the 10th of October
  • Airdrop Claim opens on the 17th of October
  • Crowdloan Contribution Rewards transferred on the 17th of October
  • First SNOW Token utility with the SNOW Staking Vault

After the successful completion of the SNOW crowdloan and onboarding process into the Kusama ecosystem, we are happy to announce our SNOW Airdrop and Crowdloan Contribution Rewards dates!

SNOW Airdrop

All eligible wallets will be able to claim their SNOW ($ICZ) token airdrop starting on the 17th of October.

Those who held the ICX token during the snapshot (taken at Block #44,123,130 on the ICON Blockchain) can already visit the SNOW Airdrop page, connect their wallet and get a detailed breakdown of their upcoming SNOW token airdrop. From the 17th of October onwards, this webpage will enable airdrop claims as well.

Read more details about the SNOW Airdrop and the SNOW Airdrop page here. Find an easy airdrop claim walkthrough here. Or watch the video tutorial by CryptoSetups!

Crowdloan Contribution Rewards

All eligible wallets will receive their SNOW ($ICZ) token rewards on the 17th of October.

The SNOW Crowdloan allowed community members to stake their KSM tokens in support of our parachain’s auction bid. In return, supporters received a base reward of 4,000 ICZ tokens per delegated KSM token. Friend referrals, early bird benefits and the community contribution pool will likely see contributors receive more than the stated base reward.

One week in advance, all contributors can start checking their projected ICZ token allocations ahead of time on the 10th of October. A dedicated interface will become available on this date, enabling eligible wallet to connect and view their airdrop details.

SNOW Staking Vault

As the SNOW Network will grow with native projects and dApps, we think it is important to reward crowdloan supporters and community members who actively stake or provide liquidity on SNOW. A large part of SNOW token supply (50%) is allocated towards the community incentives treasury and the three main aspects of the treasury are:

  • Retention Rewards (20% of SNOW token supply)
  • Liquidity Incentives (15% of SNOW token supply)
  • Developer Incentives (15% of SNOW token supply)
SNOW Token allocation
SNOW Token allocation

The first iteration of SNOW retention rewards will take the form of the SNOW Staking Vault. An on-chain token locking contract that rewards participants, based on their entry dates, staking amounts and selected lock-up periods. Early participation and longer lock-up periods will receive greater SNOW ($ICZ) token rewards.

The SNOW Staking Vault interface is currently under development and will be shared with the community upon completion. Staking rates and benefits will be announced closer to the date of completion as well.

The ICE and SNOW team aims to open up the SNOW Staking Vault to users shortly after the Airdrop Claim and Crowdloan Contribution Rewards have been launched.

Join us in the ICON Discord - the home of ICE and SNOW

For questions and discussion on all ICE and SNOW related topics, we invite you to join us in the ICON Discord - the home of ICE and SNOW. Users who join the ICON Discord and link their Kusama/Polkadot Wallet address are eligible for future SNOW events and giveaways, so do stay tuned for more news on our upcoming FRĀMD Yeti raffles!

Register and WIN in the ICON Discord - Home of SNOW and ICE
Register and WIN in the ICON Discord - Home of SNOW and ICE