Built by Parity Technologies, the Polkadot.js extension is a simple extension for managing Polkadot and Substrate network accounts in a browser. This browser Allows the signing of extrinsics using these accounts. Also provides a simple interface for compliant extensions for dapps. The Polkadot.js extension is open source and the code is available on GitHub.

Learn how to get started with the Polkadot{.js} wallet

Kusama Parachain Auction

Polkadot{.js} will be powering contributions to the SNOW crowdloan for Kusama’s 51st parachain auction, starting at block #14212801. Crowdloans allow community members to stake their KSM or DOT tokens in support of a parachain’s auction bid. In return, supporters receive a variety of bonuses and incentives once the slot is secured. Polkadot{.js} users will be able to contribute to the SNOW crowdloan within just a couple of clicks! SNOW Crowdloan supporters will receive a base reward of 4,000 $ICZ per delegated $KSM. Early supporters can receive up to 4,000 extra $ICZ per delegated $KSM (this early bird reward decreases linearly with cumulative $KSM raised). Friend referrals will also yield a double bonus 5% - 5% extra awarded to referrer and 5% extra awarded to referee. To access the referral code, connect your Polkadot{.js} browser extension to the SNOW crowdloan page and click the referral button at the top.

About SNOW Network

SNOW is an EVM & eWASM compatible Kusama parachain and the canary network for the ICE parachain. Optimized for BTP cross-chain interoperability, SNOW will feature industry-leading cross-chain applications and the backing of a vibrant L1 community. SNOW (the Kusama parachain) and ICE (the Polkadot parachain) are both the result of the ICON blockchain’s vision for decentralized interoperability.

Discord Wallet Registration

The home of ICE and SNOW can be found in the ICON Discord. Users who join the ICON Discord and link their Kusama/Polkadot Wallet address are eligible for future SNOW events and giveaways