Today we are excited to announce the successful launch of the Arctic Testnet on Rococo. Arctic Testnet marks the next phase in ICE and SNOW blockchain development, as this testnet has increased complexity and allows for more extensive testing of parachain functionalities.

Prior to the launch of Arctic Testnet, an initial implementation of the ICE and SNOW networks was available through Frost Testnet, an isolated testnet and a starting point for developers to explore and build dApps. Frost Testnet will be deprecated over time.

Arctic Testnet is not an isolated testnet, as it is directly connected to Rococo, Kusama’s official testnet. Rococo is designed to vet parachain features before launch. Successful deployment on Rococo is often a rite of passage for aspiring parachains, allowing teams to test functionality by interacting with the core Kusama Relay chain.

Arctic’s launch marks a major milestone in SNOW’s roadmap as the team continues to work towards the completion of the ICE and SNOW blockchains. Once fully evolved, Arctic will be ready to transition into SNOW and deploy on Kusama.

ICE and SNOW roadmap.
ICE and SNOW roadmap.

The official Arctic Testnet is now visible to the public (this is an RPC endpoint, which handles valid requests from client APIs such as Polkadot{.js} or MetaMask). Similar to Frost, Arctic will undergo edits and optimizations as the team tests the chain’s functionality. Some features that will be evaluated include parachain compatibility, XCMP and ink! smart contracts.

The ICE & SNOW team are proud of this next step towards bringing interoperability to Kusama and Polkadot.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter and the ICE & SNOW roadmap for the latest development updates.