We are thrilled to announce the ICE Developer Grant Program (ICED Grants).

As ICE & SNOW prepare to bring interoperability to DOTSAMA, the team is investing in blockchain’s most valuable resource: developers.

Beginning with a $100K donation from the ICON Network, ICED Grant’s purpose is to grow the developer community and cement ICE & SNOW as the hub for cross-chain EVM and Wasm (ink!) DApps. Using the groundbreaking technology BTP, ICE & SNOW developers will be instrumental in creating cross-chain DApps in partnerships with L1 chains like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain and Harmony.

Grants will first be awarded for core infrastructure projects, funding developers to build libraries, SDKs, frameworks, explorers and scripts for ICON Bridge and BTP, as well as tooling kits for cross-chain DeFi, Gaming, and NFT DApps.

These ecosystem upgrades will allow ICE and SNOW DApps to enjoy optimized bridging capabilities backed by the security and stability of the Polkadot Relay chain. This means a DApp built on ICE & SNOW will be able to process interoperable smart contracts and tokens cheaper and more securely than nearly any other protocol in blockchain.

As public and private enterprise blockchain tech continues to boom, ICE and BTP will be DOTSAMA’s onramp to a superhighway of cross-chain activity. What will you build on it?

To learn how to apply, visit the ICED Grants Page.