Back in Dec 2020, the ICON Foundation intimated plans to bring EVM compatibility to the ICON ecosystem and started searching for the best candidates to lead this development. After many months of vetting, the ICE team was born.

The ICE & SNOW Team

Web3 Labs, Mousebelt, and Venture23/Bridge23 were selected based on their unique skill sets in engineering, marketing, community building, and project management. Among them, Web3 Labs was chosen to lead this new partnership for ICE & SNOW based on a thorough evaluation of their expertise and background building infrastructure for Web3. Below covers each team and their contributions to ICE & SNOW in more detail:

Web3 Labs

Web3 Labs brings to ICE & SNOW their rich experience working with various enterprises to define and execute strategies for developing in Web3. Its past clients include the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, and Vodafone. Web3 Labs leads the development of the ICE & SNOW blockchains, to deliver the promise of an EVM-compatible and BTP-optimized application layer that would facilitate the onramp of dApps to further grow the ICON ecosystem.


MouseBelt is a globally recognized blockchain accelerator and marketing agency known for such initiatives as the MouseBelt University Program–one of the largest student blockchain associations globally, bringing together 80+ institutions in 14 countries–and Reimagine, a virtual conference covering blockchain news. They are leveraging their background in business development, marketing, and community building to build strong partnerships and grow the community for ICE & SNOW.


Venture23 (V23) and Bridge23 (B23) were longstanding contributors to ICON prior to joining the ICE & SNOW team, involved in the development for Balanced, Omm, and CPS, among others. Equipped with dApp building experience on a diverse range of chains including Polygon, Harmony, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum, V23 and B23 are responsible for growing the ICE & SNOW developer ecosystem, by providing tools and and developer resources to facilitate developer onboarding.

Decentralized development

The ICON Foundation provides funding for open-source, decentralized development for the greater benefit of the ICON ecosystem. ICE & SNOW is one such open-source project that is funded through the ICON Foundation but led by Web3 Labs.

To stay up to date with the ICE & SNOW project, please follow ICE on Twitter and join the #ice_general channel on Discord.