​​In August, the team launched the SNOW crowdloan, upgraded core blockchain infrastructure and furthered developer support programs.

Follow along to learn more about what the team accomplished these past four weeks.

Core Product:

The SNOW development team continued to build, test and advance towards launching on the Kusama Relay chain. Several important tasks progressed as the team refined parachain core infrastructure.

  • Progressed on Arctic and Acala XCM integration
  • Added support for XCM, xtokens and asset registry
  • Updated crowdloan specifications
  • Progressed on SNOW whitepaper
  • Progressed on docker for additional RPC for OnFinality node service

Developer Ecosystem:

The team also made strides in developer education and integrations.

  • Continued money market workshop article series
  • Integrated with Subsquid for indexing data
  • Added existing and new DApps integrations onto SNOW
  • Added wallet integrations for SNOW ecosystem

Crowdloan, Tokenomics & Airdrop:

Finally, SNOW’s Auction 51 crowdloan kicked off with a bang.

  • Launched and won SNOW Auction 51 Crowdloan
  • Finalized SNOW crowdloan reward strategy
  • Progressed on ICONFi Airdrop integration
  • Load tested Airdrop server
  • Progressed on ICE Network crowdloan reward distribution strategy
  • Released Airdrop view claim details dApp

The above represents a portion of what the ICE team has been working on. We are excited to share more updates with the community as we continue our mission of bringing interoperability to Polkadot and Kusama.

Next Month’s Focus

In September, our objectives include:

Core Product:

  • Airdrop infrastructure setup and deployment
  • Crowdloan infrastructure setup and deployment
  • Run a collator nodes for SNOW Explorer (Epirus for SNOW and Subscan for SNOW).


  • Tracking reward distribution for SNOW
  • Finalizing reward distribution strategy for ICE

Developer Ecosystem

  • Resuming University workshops


  • ICONFi integration support
  • SNOW Airdrop mainnet release

That’s all for now, folks.

To stay up to date with the latest developments, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!