The first quarter of 2022 has been a productive one for the teams building out the ICE and SNOW ecosystems. In this article, we’ll provide some insight into the progress that’s been made since the start of the year.

The most tangible progress thus far has been the successful implementation of the Frost testnet, the inaugural testnet for the SNOW blockchain, where builders can explore an EVM-compatible extension network for ICON.

In January, we made our first public push in terms of marketing, releasing our official website for the ICE and SNOW ecosystems. If you missed this unveiling, be sure to visit to dive into the project.

Technical Updates

Our development has been hard at work on integration of core Substrate pallets (packages of code that pertain to a specific functionality) – Airdrop, Asset, Democracy, Staking, Treasury, and Vesting. On the airdrop front, development of the core logic for the Airdrop pallet is close to completion, and is currently being integrated into the user interface. Over the coming months, we will focus on security and testing to ensure a smooth airdrop claiming experience for the community.

In addition to building out features within these pallets, we’ve also worked to ensure our codebase is up to date with the latest developments in connected ecosystems (e.g. aligning Rust dependencies between Substrate and Frontier).

In the month of March we are focused on the following technical aspects of development:

  • Completing multiple release for Frost Testnet runtime
  • Implementation of Runtime configuration and chain spec for Arctic
  • Private relay chain and Rococo Testnet setup
  • Enabling Wasm ink! smart contract
  • Continuing development of the airdrop pallet and claim.

Developer Experience

In Q1, we began building out a GitBook repository to house developer-related resources. The GitBook contains information about a variety of topics such as:

If you’re looking to build on ICE, we highly recommend reading through the GitBook to get started.

The ICONOsphere team also launched an “A-Z of Building dApps on ICE” series, which focuses on how to set up a developer environment and writing smart contracts in Solidity. On the ICON Project Discord, an #ice_dev_discussion channel has also been created to serve as a venue for discussing ICE development with fellow developers and core team members. The Discord also has a channel for requesting Frost testnet $ICY.

Our Focus for Q2 2022

As we move into April, our technical focus will be on deploying the Arctic parachain to Polkadot’s Rococo testnet, and launching SNOW on Kusama via crowdloan campaign.

Here are our core technical goals for Q2:

  • Launch Arctic parachain on Polkadot’s Rococo testnet.
  • Demonstrate Arctic parachain functionality with XCM and cross-chain asset transfers on Rococo testnet.
  • Reserve and register Chain ID and Parachain ID (Protocol ID) for SNOW on Kusama.
  • Announce SNOW token distribution and parachain crowdloan strategy.
  • Deploy airdrop pallet on testnet for internal testing.
  • Announce ICX boosting feature on ICE.
  • Test EVM tooling to ensure compatibility with Arctic parachain on Rococo.

We are also working on these initiatives on the content and marketing front:

  • Deliver ICE development workshop material to universities.
  • An in-depth series of articles discussing the differences between EVM and Substrate accounts, blockchain explorers like Subscan and EVM Explorer, public airdrop RPC endpoints, and more.
  • Finalize Substrate block explorer for Frost and Arctic chains.

We are excited about the progress we’ve made thus far and have built up a considerable amount of momentum as we draw closer to the launch of the ICE network. We are also releasing a simplified quarterly plan with delivery milestones. Please stay tuned to ICE social channels to ensure you continue to receive updates on our progress.