The SNOW Network is estimated to onboard around the 19th of September at block #14515200. The exact onboarding time may fluctuate as it is reliant on the Kusama chain’s block speeds.

A period of reward calculations, node configuration and network testing has already commenced. This process is estimated to run for a couple of weeks after the official onboarding.

SNOW Infrastructure and Security

Checks are being placed to ensure all SNOW genesis collators and nodes are ready to onboard SNOW Network onto Kusama. With all parties involved communicating any network or node security concerns, the right settings and configurations will be established and implemented. Two explorers (Subscan and Epirus) are being implemented to capture and report on EVM and Substrate network activity.

Post-onboarding checks

After the initial onboarding completes on the 19th of September, another subset of checks must be executed in order to guarantee smooth operations of the SNOW Network in the Kusama ecosystem. These post-onboarding checks will allow the team to identify any technical inaccuracies and push for efficient network upgrades without having to account for community network activities. Performance checks will be applied to the subset of genesis collators and final security inspections will take place here.

Contribution data

The team has been analysing all (partner) crowdloan $KSM contribution data and preparing final reward distribution lists:

  • Contribution data from the Kusama chain and the Bifrost dApp has been collected.
  • Base reward and early contribution rewards have also been calculated and are in testing right now.
  • The referral data from the Kusama chain has been collected and the referral rewards calculation is ongoing. This too is the case with the additional rewards calculation for returning users from crowdloan V1, who contributed the same amount (or more)!

The overall breakdown of rewards per contribution is ongoing and will be available for contributors to view in the crowdloan dApp in due time. Contribution rewards will be distributed once the SNOW chain is live. We aim to release contribution rewards and claim functionalities at the same time.

Join us in the ICON Discord - the home of ICE and SNOW

For questions and discussion on all ICE and SNOW related topics, we invite you to join us in the ICON Discord - the home of ICE and SNOW. Users who join the ICON Discord and link their Kusama/Polkadot Wallet address are eligible for future SNOW events and giveaways, so do stay tuned for more news on our upcoming FRĀMD Yeti raffles!

Register and WIN in the ICON Discord - Home of SNOW and ICE
Register and WIN in the ICON Discord - Home of SNOW and ICE