Bifrost Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol (SALP)

Bifrost’s SALP is a protocol designed to boost crowdloan contributors’ experience by allowing them to participate in crowdloans without DOT/KSM lock-up. This flexibility benefits investors and increases the probability of a parachain’s successful bidding.

Bifrost uses a combination of Polkadot multi-signature + Kusama Parachain for the SALP. This innovative Crowdloan liquidity solution will allow users to increase capital utilization during the 48-week Crowdloan lock-up period and reduces the opportunity cost for supporting.

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Partnership Details

Bifrost SALP has partnered with the ICE & SNOW team to support the SNOW Crowdloan. We welcome developers and users to contribute to SNOW Crowdloan and use the derivatives assets. Contribute to the SNOW Crowdloan: here.

Bifrost will cooperate with SNOW to help their Crowdloan participants access liquid derivatives of staked KSM. This allows minting of fully decentralized liquid derivatives based on the Kusama parachain.

SNOW will assist Bifrost, provide technical support in the Crowdloan docking process, and promote the long-term cooperation between Bifrost and SNOW. Support for the SNOW Crowdloan will help Bifrost unlock a new opportunity with the SNOW community to introduce the Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol (SALP) and encourage more users to participate in the SNOW Crowdloan.

The partnership is in the first phase, and a final version will be released once Bifrost onboards as a Polkadot Parachain. The multisig will be represented by the onchain logic under the Bifrost SALP pallet, the same as the Bifrost SALP mechanism on Kusama.

About SNOW Network

SNOW is an EVM & eWASM compatible Kusama parachain and the canary network for the ICE parachain. Optimized for BTP cross-chain interoperability, SNOW will feature industry-leading cross-chain applications and the backing of a vibrant L1 community. SNOW (the Kusama parachain) and ICE (the Polkadot parachain) are both the result of the ICON blockchain’s vision for decentralized interoperability.

Discord Wallet Registration

The home of ICE and SNOW can be found in the ICON Discord. Users who join the ICON Discord and link their Kusama/Polkadot Wallet address are eligible for future SNOW events and giveaways.