Last Friday (11th of November), the ICE/SNOW team started receiving reports of internal service errors through the ICON Discord support ticketing system. An investigation into the error was launched, and shortly afterwards a bug was found and patched.

The SNOW archive nodes are currently re-synchronizing with the Kusama relay chain. Once the nodes are fully synced, both airdrop claims and bridging operations can resume as per usual.

Bootnode Issue

Both the Airdrop Claim functionality and the Subscan integration need a SNOW archive node to run. The SNOW Network generally has two archive nodes running, but both were discovered not to be functioning last Friday. As both archive nodes rely on a so-called bootnode to run, the issue was quickly traced back to this bootnode.

After debugging the bootnode and bringing it back up, the archive nodes remained with issue. A full restart and re-sync of the archive nodes was applied in order to get everything back up and running. It takes about 2 days to synchronize all the SNOW Network blocks with the Kusama relay chain, and the current sync is at 75%. At current speeds, it will take about 24 hours to complete. A detailed follow-up on the issue that impacted some nodes will published at a later date.

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